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Transfer America: Buying Timeshare Frequently Asked Questions

Why is buying a timeshare from an individual owners less costly than buying a timeshare from a resort?

Timeshare developers gather noteworthy marketing related expenses - generally because of costly timeshare promotions which offer free giveaways in exchange in the interest of consumer turnout at high-pressure timeshare sales pitches.

How is the "market value" of a timeshare determined by timeshare resale companies?

Pricing of timeshare resale weeks varies depending on a medley of factors. These factors encompass - but are not |restricted to - the time of year (season), location, resort amenities, size of the module, unit amenities and, of course, market demand.

If I buy a timeshare from the timeshare resale market, will I receive the same benefits offered by the resort?

Yes. Except in extremely rare instances, any and all rights of ownership (such as membership in the resort owners group) are transferred directly from the mainstream owner to you when you purchase on the timeshare resale market.

What is a timeshare exchange company, and what does it do?

A timeshare exchange company is an self-assured organization that provides its members with the opportunity to "exchange" their timeshare period for one at a comparable resort (in a different location) for a small fee.

What are timeshare points, and how are timeshare points connected to timeshare resales?

Points are a unit of measurement from time to time used to determine the value of a timeshare interval. Points are assigned based on a week's desirability in terms of season, size of suite, amenities and location. The more desired or in-demand a resort week is, the more points it is worth.

If I decided to buy a timeshare via the timeshare resale market, is financing available?

Yes. Financing options are accessible with timeshare resale properties. We propose Tammac Financial for support in this field.