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Please let all of us here at Transfer America know about how you are trying to get out of your timeshare contract. There are many ways that timeshare owners try to get rid of their timeshares, and as you probably already know, there are many unscrupulous scams attempting to take advantage of some of the many owners who just want to get out fast.

Please let us know how you would like to be rid of your timeshare so that we can provide more information on that specific method of timeshare removal. And once you have voted in the poll please check out the rest of our blog and do not hesitate to leave a comment or question on any of the posts here at TransferAmerica360.com

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Transfer America Provides What Timeshare Sales Do Not

Timeshare resales simply do not provide the same type of relief that Transfer America has to offer.

When you just need to get out of the continues barrage of maintenance fees you need more than the help of a reseller.

Because when it comes down to it, the resale market will not help you get rid of your timeshare, Transfer America will.

Give us a call at 866 998 3490 and find out how we can help you get out of your unwanted timeshare contract.


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Thinking of Getting Out of Your Timeshare?

It is a known fact that several timeshare owners are trying to find paths to gain timeshare relief. It is perhaps because of that circumstance that varied corporations attempting to help timeshare owners who are seeking for relief were established. The firms are timeshare re-sellers, timeshare renters, and timeshare transfer firms. What you have got to do is to figure out which way is the best for you re safety and promptness in delivering you out of your timeshare contract. Either company can help you in liberating yourself of the contract you are in the way most convenient for you.

Selling Your Timeshare

If you are made a decision to sell the vacation package, the best company to approach is a timeshare re-seller. Such corporations will help you define the proper price for your timeshare, market the property, and process the transfer of the contract from you to the purchaser. The toughest part for them is finding a potential buyer. Not too many folks are prepared to spend on a timeshare particularly now that they know maintaining a timeshare can be financially draining. And because of that, timeshare re-sellers require a fee for their service. Some also ask a portion of the sale. So it might be best to discuss the payment scheme first before you eventually handle the company. And don’t forget to commit to a contract with the company members.

Hiring Out Your Timeshare

If you think that you can still use your timeshare in the succeeding years, you can opt to just lease it out. That way, you can offset a portion of the maintenance fee and still own the package. Just remember that you still need to pay the upkeep charges and special assessments for the rest of the year. Know that most timeshare re-sellers also offer timeshare rentals, so that you can check with any of these corporations.

You may then approach a timeshare rental company. Such service can also cost much so do not expect to earn from it.

Transferring your Timeshare

If you need to lose the vacation package fast, the best company to approach is a timeshare transfer company. They offer the service of transferring the contract name to another. It is the contract that generally determines the ownership of the timeshare. So if the contract is under your name, it is automatic the financial responsibilities are yours too.

There are numerous companies who offer this approach to get shot of your timeshare. It is with much hope that you meet legal and trustworthy corporations. 2 timeshare fake corporations also exist so your vigilance is obligatory. Cope with trustworthy companies for you to be in a position to enjoy real timeshare relief.

Transfer America is a company that many have trusted in. They have helped many timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare with great results.


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Timeshare Troubles

According to industry stats, it is estimated that three million US people sit through a timeshare sales presentation every year. It is also calculated that 250K actually buy their own timeshare each calendar year. But is a timeshare really a fair deal for the average vacationing family? .

In any discourse of timeshares, many folks could be reminded of the South Park episode where the boys ‘ parents went to a timeshare weekend. The thoughts of others may wonder to the episode of Family Guy, where the neighborhood attended a timeshare sales display and Peter took the empty box rather than the valuable awards offered to him.

Let’s face it, the timeshare industry has been the subject of many jokes over the years, and has had more than its equal share of bad P. R. over the years. However are the feedback fair?

Industry Criticisms

When this industry was young, the criticisms were more than fair. During the early times of this industry, underhand firms would sell timeshares on resorts that had yet to be built. After a successful sales season ( yes, this industry is seasonal, closing most sales from June to Aug ), the sales company would abscond with the money and customers would be out their investment.

Recently, the resort industry has been made to clean up its sales practices by both executive and consumers. But even today, some timeshare marketing corporations are still landing in hot water.

In October of 2008, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General filed a lawsuit against a Florida timeshare marketing company for deceptive advertising practices. It must be stressed that this court action was not against the industry, nor its sales offering, but rather against individual promoting corporations for deceptive sales practices.

But Are Timeshares A Good investment For Most Holiday-makers?

Honestly, the solution to that particular question is that it depends on the goals of the purchaser and the categorical details of the individual timeshare transaction.

“Purchasing timeshare may be the best thing a vacationer has ever done, but it can also be a massive mistake,” asserted Lisa Ann Schreier, owner of ( timeshareinsights.com ). As a former timeshare salesperson, she has great insight into this industry. Schreier continued, “With the median cost of a timeshare in the States being roughly $13,000, it’s crucial that people understand exactly what timeshare is and if it is right for them before they make a purchase decision.”

On the one hand, a timeshare is sexy in that you can get access to a half-a-million buck apartment ( $13,000 x 52 weeks ), for a standard purchasing price of $13,000. But the bargain price is not a bargain purchase for each consumer.

What it boils down to is this : if you can take the same week for vacation every year, and you would like to go to the same destination year-after-year then a timeshare could be a great holiday investment package for you.

But, if you can’t be sure that you will have the same week each year, or if you like the destination, but would not wish to be tied to a particular vacation destination, then you shouldn’t get a timeshare.

Of course, there are resorts that offer adaptations on the straight same week, same location offer ( some resorts have multiple locations ), but you will need to make sure that your timeshare plan makes that kind of offer, and get it in writing before putting a signature on the check.

Transfer America has been the top business timeshare owners depend on to help them get rid of their timeshare. If you wish to get rid of your timeshare give them a call.


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Timeshare Schemes

Elderly seniors have been the most recent victims of timeshare resale fraud. They are usually unaware of the timeshare resale scheme and have fallen for the typical pitch of being timeshare free. In these cases, timeshare owners are repeatedly contacted by a representative claiming to be an expert in renting and selling timeshares. However, many of these representatives usually work for a bogus company and are tricking timeshare owners into giving them money. They usually claim that they need owners to pay an upfront fee to cover all expenses such as closing costs and transfer fees. But once these scammers receive the money transfer they stop responding to e-mails and phone calls.

Many timeshare owners have also claimed that another company contacts them claiming to be fraud-recovery. Allegedly they make promises to retrieve the money that was taken from you by the previous company for a fee. These companies are also scams and many timeshare owners who decided to trust these two companies are now short thousands of dollars.

Here are some tips to ensure that you do not become a victim of these companies:

-Make sure you read the fine print and the entire contract

-Always be weary of companies asking for an upfront fee

-Never trust a company without checking them out with the Better Business Bureau

-Read all consumer reviews about the company (make sure they are not negative)

Be sure to contact a representative from Transfer America to get rid of your timeshare today!


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Know Your Timeshare Rights!

In 2010, the number of beefs called into the Better Business Bureau, State Solicitor General’s Office, and The Timeshare Association have hit all time record highs. This is in large due to many timeshare owners not completely understanding their rights. Many timeshare owners fall into the booby trap of fake timeshare sellers and resellers when they don’t check out that ultra tiny fine print that all too commonly, has timeshare owners thrashing themselves up.

The good news for the timeshare owner is that these proven deceptive sales strategies have been the primary source of purchases in the timeshare industry for years now and it isn’t truly the new owner’s fault. More often than not, the timeshare seller either tells you something that is not accurate about your timeshare, like they will be capable of being sold for double or merely altogether leave something out, like the iron-clad clauses that lock you into your contract indefinitely.

Now that we know timeshare contracts include perpetuation clauses, let’s take a look at your rights as a timeshare owner :

First let’s go over the 2 different sorts of timeshare ownership : deeded timeshares and right to use timeshares. A deeded timeshare is more so that the “standard” sort of timeshare possession where the purchaser owns a timeshare and has it for a particular period of time and has it for a predetermined time of the year ( either one or two weeks often ). A right to use timeshare signals that the buyer has got the right to employ the timeshare at various times, but they must schedule their week or timeslot with the timeshare resort and they must have the accessibility for them and the buyer does not receive the deed to the timeshare.

When you sit in on a timeshare show, there are a couple things you should really know about your rights. First, we all know that the timeshare members promise you anything from tickets to the best shows, rooms in the best hotels to cruises. All you’ve got to do is sit in on their presentations. When a timeshare representative does a display, they’re legally responsible to tell you how long it’ll take till you see your free present. Also, it is illegal for them to swear you anything that is not delivered, specifically with reference to the resale or exchange of your timeshare property.

The law also forbids these salespeople from not putting in their oral promises into the contract and that includes any information about the maintenance costs which will have not even been discussed during the oral presentation.

Additionally, when you sign a timeshare contract, you still have a period of cancelation time called your rescission period that allows you a certain quantity of time ( depending on your state, anywhere from three days to two weeks ) to cancel your timeshare contract for a complete refund. Glaringly, the timeshare resorts often leave this piece of info out. Whether or not they told you or not, be assured that if you just signed your contract, it is truly possible that you may just be able to cancel the timeshare contract still.

At any point in the timeshare purchasing cycle, purchase or sale, you can contact a timeshare attorney to determine if your contract is legitimate ( and to get the fine print details like the incontrovertible fact that your maintenance charge have the potentiality to increase annually ) out. Also if you’re trying to get shot of your timeshare, a timeshare solicitor may look over this contract to make sure that the contract will conclusively get you out of your timeshare. Make sure you don’t pay any upfront fees before signing a contract that may guarantee you out of the timeshare contract permanently. If you truly wish to get rid of your timeshare contact Transfer America today!


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Protect Yourself

Timeshares are now a massive discussion presently. Thousands of scammers have created corporations to scam timeshare owners into buying a service that doesn’t exist. These unethical corporations have played off the timeshare owners desperate cry to get rid of their timeshare by making assurances that they’ve a customer waiting to get their timeshare from them. They then continue to encourage the timeshare owners into sending them cash saying that they require the cash to cover closing costs or title transfer charges. But once the corporations received the money through check or wire they simply vanish.

According to the web Crime Reporting Center, they make it clear that the common scam is cold-callers posing as timeshare members for a timeshare company that wants to help the owner sell their timeshare. The representatives continue to assert that this process will only take A quarter tops and employ a hi-pressure sales tactic into convincing them to hiring their timeshare resale company. In some cases, these timeshare owners are then approached by timeshare fraud recovery firms as well to help them regain the cash that was taken away from them in the 1st event.

To better protect yourself, always be suspicious of cold-callers calling to help sell or lease your timeshare. Make sure you always check the background of the company and see how they stand with the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, never trust a company who asks for an upfront fee. You should never pay a company until they have finished selling your timeshare property. Ultimately, always read the small print or have your lawyer go over them. Never sign on the dotted line till you completely understand everything that’s written on it.

Call a representative from Transfer America if you wish to truly get rid of your timeshare without having to worry about scandalous companies.


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Timeshare Owner Frustration

A girl from North Carolina was highly upset because she could not get out of her timeshare. The firm that sold her the timeshare had allegedly stated that she would be able to get out of the timeshare if she did not want it. However, when the time arrived the company refused to buy the timeshare back. Latoya Straford tried many times to contact the company for a repayment with no results. She hit another road block when she employed another company to help her get out of her timeshare.

Straford had bought a Wyndham Resort timeshare with her hubby on pure impulse. The timeshare cost $18,000 and at the time she believed it might be a great investment for future vacations. But when they returned home and attempted to cancel in the five day cancelation deadline she was turned down. Straford tried to contact Wyndham but she couldn’t find anyone who would help her cancel the timeshare contract.

When she finally talked to a Wyndham representative they told her that it was too late to cancel and she should start making her standard payments for the timeshare. The payments came out to be $400 a month on top of $750 of the $1,500 company charge. After contacting Wyndham resorts, a speaker stated that though Straford didn’t cancel in the cancelation cut-off point they’d make an exception and let her out of the timeshare contract. Straford now advises other consumers to not get a timeshare on the spur of the moment because at the end it is merely a lot of debt.

Transfer America has helped many timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare. If you truly wish to get rid of your timeshare once and for all contact Transfer America today.


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New Florida Law Effective July 1st

Last week the new Florida Bill created to crack down on timeshare fraud was signed and will be effective July 1st. The state Attorney General Pam Bondi created this bill after receiving thousands of complaints from timeshare owners who lost thousands of dollars to timeshare scam artists. The new state law is designed to protect timeshare owners from unscrupulous businesses who are looking to resell their timeshares.

Before the creation of the bill, federal prosecutors have gone after the industry’s top executives who are responsible for timeshare resale fraud. One former executive was charged with a fifteen year sentence for being involved in a timeshare resale scheme.

Pam Bondi commented, “By strengthening Florida’s timeshare resale laws and focusing on marketing and advertising practices, we can protect timeshare owners from unscrupulous companies that may try to scam them during the resale process.”

Just last year, they received over twelve thousand timeshare complaints around the nation. The complaints all had similar stories. The timeshare owners/sellers received calls from telemarketers who promised to help them find a buyer for their timeshare property. All the owner had to do was pay closing fees or title fees upfront before any additional information could be released. However, with the new law, companies will no longer be able to imply that they have a buyer waiting without providing the purchaser’s name and address. The law also strengthens the customers’ ability to cancel.

A company who truly helps timeshare owners is Transfer America. Transfer America has been helping timeshare owners escape their timeshare contract for years. They have already helped thousands and still continue to this day.


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Man Sneaks Aboard Plane

On Tuesday, a man who was released from jail on Memorial Day tried to board a plane without paying for a ticket. The United Airlines flight was headed towards Los Angeles from San Diego. Apparently, the flight attendants conducted a head count and discovered that they had an extra passenger aboard. The authorities later discovered that the man had boarded the flight through the tarmac and used the emergency door as his entrance.

A fellow passenger stated that the man handed his duffle bag to a flight attendant then claiming to have to use the bathroom. Once the flight attendant realized that there was an extra passenger aboard, it wasn’t hard to spot who the extra passenger was. The man looked suspicious and disheveled. Every single passenger was asked to get off the plane while the dogs sniffed each bag aboard. They were all forced to go through security again before they were allowed to board.

One passenger commented, “How could this happen? In this day and age when I have to take my shoes off to get on a plane, this guy bypasses everything. What if he had a bomb?”

The man was arrested and escorted off the plane. Police are still investigating the incident and the man is now in jail.

To those who no longer want to deal with their timeshare, contact Transfer America today and see how they can help.


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Timeshare Troubles

Timeshare troubles seem to be plaguing many timeshare owners in the past few years. Hundreds if not thousands of timeshare owners have tried relentlessly to sell their timeshares with no results. One owner unfortunately had a bad experience when trying to sell her timeshare. Rhonda Hemker and her family tried to sell their Boston timeshare that they had bought previously. The family had only used their timeshare once in the ten years that they have owned it.

Hemker stated, “We would rather be out, out in the woods and camping instead of in a hotel. I know it’s weird, but that’s the way we are.”

After doing her research, Hemker and her husband decided to work with a company called Executive Vacations, which is based in California. They were very hesitant to use another company because they have been the victims of a timeshare scam. However, once she paid Executive Vacations $1500 to find a buyer for their property, the company disconnected their phone. After being scammed twice, Hemker finally decides to try and sell the timeshare herself. If she had only checked with the Better Business Bureau she would have discovered that Executive Vacations was given a F rating.

To truly get out of your timeshare contact Transfer America and see how they can help you today.


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The Fight Against Wyndham

Transfer America reports on the multitude of consumers who have been tricked into purchasing a timeshare. Many of these consumers were unaware of the full responsibilities as well as fees that are associated with the purchase. Michael Singletary and his wife had attended an owner’s update in July of 2009. Instead of an update, the couple had to endure hours of sales pitches pushing them to purchase more points and VIP upgrades. Several hours later, Singletary and his wife had purchased 300,000 points, which is equivalent to $10,000, from the representatives.

The Singletary’s are not the first to experience this type of sales pitch. Many timeshare owners were also pushed into purchasing their timeshares. Timeshare sellers know exactly how to convince the regular consumer into making an irrational decision. For example, Rosemary Jeffers, who is currently 78 years old, had purchased a timeshare in the late 1990s. She claims that this purchase was not by choice because the company had foisted it on her. In addition, Jeffers also stated that the company has dishonest sales practices and promises benefits which are never seen.

Singletary and Jeffers are among one hundred other timeshare owners who have hired lawyers to get them out of their timeshare contracts. However, Wyndham’s iron-clad contracts make it difficult for lawyers to find a way for their clients to escape. Their only hope is to continue pushing Wyndham until they come to an agreement.


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