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Delta, Unsupported


Transfer America reports on an article discovered on MSNBC about Delta Airlines raising their prices yet again. However, this time, their attempt at raising the price failed. In order for the prices to be raised, all airlines must support each other.

Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare.com, stated “It is unusual for a legacy airline not to have at least one other airline match a domestic hike attempt. In this case crickets could be heard chirping as none of Delta’s peers lifted a finger in support, leaving them on a limb with uncompetitive pricing for two days.”

Delta allegedly raised their ticket prices from $4 to $10 Tuesday morning. This increase in price was only pivoted towards the U.S. route systems and it was their second domestic increase in just a week. Seaney commented on Delta’s actions, “This comes right on the heels of Delta initiating a $20 fare hike on long-haul flights and JetBlue doing a shorter-haul hike last week. It looks like we’re tracking almost like last year which was basically ‘let’s get a bunch of fare hikes in early’ because they had a lot of trouble raising prices later in the year.”

The three ingredients in creating a fair ticket price are competition, fuel prices, and supply and demand. At the moment, all three are creating a recipe for disaster, which means higher ticket prices.


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Transfer America Reports About RRBO.com


Resort Rentals by Owner (RRBO.com) is an online travel marketplace for vacation resorts and many timeshare owners with their timeshare properties in Aruba have used this site to put them for rent this year since they are not able to use them. As you might know, the resorts and timeshare properties in Aruba are one of the finest in the world, but it still makes me question why there are so many people who are unable to go to their timeshares there and use them. The RRBO recently announced that they have 665 current rental listings for timeshares in Aruba. That is a lot and I really wonder why. I understand that the timeshare owners can rent their units to vacationers though RRBO far cheaply than doing it directly through the resorts, but 665 listings is still a pretty high number.

The CEO and co-founder of RRBO, Bob Kington comments on the current situation in Aruba: “Timeshare properties in Aruba are among the finest in the world and hundreds of owners who aren’t able to use their unit this year have listed them for rent on RRBO.com. We currently have over 350 listings at the Marriott Aruba Surf Club, over 150 at the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club and dozens at many other resorts in Aruba. Travelers looking to go to Aruba and booking a vacation villa have never had so many great options – and great values.” Sure, going to Aruba is great for a cheap price, such as paying $97 per night for a 2 bedroom villa. But is this the best option for the timeshare owner? That is something that should also be of concern for us.

It happens once or twice that a family is not able to make it to their timeshare vacation due to scheduling conflicts and other events. However, as this becomes the regularity instead of the rare occasion, many families realize that they are losing huge chunks of money by keeping their timeshare and that renting is not the answer to that problem. Even if you are renting your timeshare, as the owner you still have to pay the increasingly high maintenance fees and special assessments, so getting rid of your timeshare all together might be the best for you and your family. If renting your timeshare is no longer the best option and you know that getting rid of your timeshare forever is your best solution, then make sure to contact Transfer America. Transfer America is a timeshare relief company that has helped since 2003 over 43,000 timeshare owners out of their timeshare. Transfer America is a safe option for getting rid of your timeshare, not only because they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A rating, but mainly because they provide you with a 100% guarantee in writing that your timeshare will be off your hands.  Be in the hands of someone that you can trust. Transfer America is only a phone call away.


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