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Lufthanasa Strike


Lufthansa AG, a Germany airline, had to recently cancel one-hundred-and-forty flights because of a strike. The strike was held on Monday at Frankfurt airport, which is Lufthansa’s main hub. The airline stated that all international flights would not be affected by the strike and will continue as scheduled. On the other hand, all domestic and European flights have been canceled because there aren’t enough workers to operate them.

The ground workers, people who oversee the tarmac operations, are extremely upset and demand a double-digit increase in wages. An estimated two hundred workers are upset that they are not paid the same amount as their counterparts at a different airline. The union just wishes to be paid the same salaries that other airports pay.

Since Monday, in addition to the 120 Lufthansa flights that were canceled another 60 was added to the list. Despite the overwhelming number of flights canceled, most of the daily flights were still running.

The Union spokesperson stated that the “strike was not intended to shut the airport down, just to cause enough inconvenience to bring attention to the workers’ demands. What we don’t want is to create chaos. It is all about creating disruptions and there are a huge number of those.”

The strike started on Sunday and is scheduled to last until Thursday morning. This was the second three-day strike scheduled due to the unacceptable offer that followed the first round.

To those who wish to travel abroad but are unable to due to a timeshare, contact Transfer America today.


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Delta, Unsupported


Transfer America reports on an article discovered on MSNBC about Delta Airlines raising their prices yet again. However, this time, their attempt at raising the price failed. In order for the prices to be raised, all airlines must support each other.

Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare.com, stated “It is unusual for a legacy airline not to have at least one other airline match a domestic hike attempt. In this case crickets could be heard chirping as none of Delta’s peers lifted a finger in support, leaving them on a limb with uncompetitive pricing for two days.”

Delta allegedly raised their ticket prices from $4 to $10 Tuesday morning. This increase in price was only pivoted towards the U.S. route systems and it was their second domestic increase in just a week. Seaney commented on Delta’s actions, “This comes right on the heels of Delta initiating a $20 fare hike on long-haul flights and JetBlue doing a shorter-haul hike last week. It looks like we’re tracking almost like last year which was basically ‘let’s get a bunch of fare hikes in early’ because they had a lot of trouble raising prices later in the year.”

The three ingredients in creating a fair ticket price are competition, fuel prices, and supply and demand. At the moment, all three are creating a recipe for disaster, which means higher ticket prices.


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Planes Avoid Fatal Crash


Transfer America found an article describing how two planes almost crashed on a Chicago runway. A Southwest plane who recently landed at the Midway Airport was preparing to cross a runway when all of a sudden the co-pilot shouted to stop. Apparently, a smaller jet was taking off the runway the Southwest plane was just about to cross. Officials said the air traffic controllers had given both planes clearance but had failed to cancel the takeoff or stop Southwest from crossing the runway to stop collision.

The planes almost collided but were able to stop 300 feet of each other. Though both pilots were shaken up, the FAA judged that the incident was not as serious as a near collision but that both planes had ample distance between to avoid the crash.

The preliminary report stated that “air traffic controllers cleared a Learjet for takeoff on Midway’s runway 31R and told the Southwest pilot to cross the same runway before contacting ground control”.

The pilot for Southwest was able to stop before the runway’s edge but claimed that the Learjet flew over the plane. Southwest had 74 passengers aboard with 5 crew members. Though none was injured, the incident is still being investigated.


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London Getaway


As the season continues, many are itching to take a vacation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Transfer America offers those hard workers a chance to visit London for just $1,200. An article on Los Angeles Times reveals a great “five-day Valentine’s Day getaway that costs about $1,200 per person”. This is a once in a lifetime deal that you will want to get.

The getaway includes a “five-night stay at KWest Hotel & Spa and a round-trip airfare from L.A. to London”. In addition, this deal includes a $35 cash rebate as well as a $20 discount when using the code PK60. Though the total costs of the getaway depends on the availability and date it will still be a lot cheaper than finding a flight and hotel by yourself.

This deal is only good until January 22 and must be used by February 15th. There are still a lot of available dates and the price is not bad considering a round-trip flight to New Zealand is about $830 a person. If you are unable to consider this amazing deal because you are stuck with a timeshare contact Transfer America today.


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Transfer America Got My Uncle Out of His Timeshare


Transfer America Got My Uncle Out of His TimeshareThis company first came to my attention when a family member was searching for ways to get out of their unused timeshare. My uncle was going through some financial trouble and needed to find a way to cut back on some expenses. Since he didn’t use his timeshare very often, he decided that to contact Transfer America and get away from his maintenance fees. They were becoming difficult to pay every year and he knew that he needed to find a company that could do the job right. I am so pleased that my uncle found his own timeshare relief and was able to get rid of his timeshare and keep his home.

Transfer America is a company that is completely capable of providing timeshare assistance to any timeshare owner who is looking to get rid of their timeshare. A real timeshare exit solution is possible and timeshare owners who are looking for a way out of their timeshare need to be aware of what Transfer America can do for them. This company has already provided timeshare relief to 43,000 different timeshare owners and dedicates itself to helping as many as possible. The company has developed effective ways to get timeshare owners out of their timeshares and is prepared to help any timeshare owner.

Transfer America is fully aware of the different situations that timeshare owners find themselves in and will cater to each timeshare owner’s specific situation. Some owners are struggling with the financial aspect of things and need to get rid of their timeshare because they cannot afford to pay for the yearly maintenance fees anymore. Other owners just do not use their timeshares any longer and don’t see the point in keeping it. Paying for something that you don’t use anymore just doesn’t make sense and the time has come for the person to find a way out of their timeshare. Transfer America is ready to help these different timeshare owners.

Transfer America is also willing to give any timeshare owner who decides to use their services a 100% guarantee in writing that states exactly what the owner should expect from the company. This guarantee specifies what the company will do for the owner in plain English. The guarantee also ensures that Transfer America will adhere to their high standards of doing business. They are confident that they can give this guarantee because they have found very creative and effective ways at getting timeshare owners out of their timeshares.

There are some requirements that your timeshare must meet before it can qualify for the service. For instance if your timeshare is not paid in full these timeshare relief services will not be able to get rid of your timeshare. However, it is because they take these extra steps that they are able to provide such a full proof written guarantee to each and every timeshare owner.

Now even if you do not qualify for this service right now it is good to get in touch, sooner or later you will most likely want to get out of your contract and put an end to the fees. You can also find out about how you can qualify if you talk to the timeshare experts at these timeshare relief companies. And once you are cleared for the service you can get out of your timeshare right there and then, no waiting for a call to confirm your sale or anything.


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A Timeshare Divorce


In previous posts, I highlighted popular reasons for getting rid of your timeshare but failed to mentioned divorce. With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, there are issues that arise when it comes to the timeshare. Who gets to keep it? Is it possible to split it? Who makes the payments? Well, this may be a complicated situation. The most common solution is the timeshare exit solution! Transfer America can definitely help with that! Timeshare sales, resales, and rentals are already a complicated process, but when you add divorce to that, the issue quantifies.

The option to keep the timeshare in both names provokes the question of who pays maintence fees and special assessments. Since a specific period of time is allotted for your timeshare, how will you and your ex split the time? You are better off avoiding this stress by getting rid of your timeshare rather than splitting it. After making the decision to get rid of your timeshare, you will find ending your timeshare contract is much more difficult than ending your marriage. To cancel your timeshare is difficult and most times not a sure bet.

There is an alternative that will make things much easier, Transfer America. Transfer America is able to give you timeshare relief. Transfer America has helped over 43,000 dissatisfied timeshare owners. Some of those timeshare owners may be in a similar divorce situation you may be in.  Transfer America understands of your timeshare no longer matching your lifestyle. Everyone changes and your timeshare should reflect that change. Transfer America is there to help you with the transformation in your vacationing so you can get rid of your married couple resort to a resort. Transfer America knows that everything is not guaranteed in life, but they are able to guarantee you one thing. Transfer America has a 100% results guarantee provided to you in writing! You will no longer be obligated to pay a maintenance fee that you and your ex decided on. The timeshare will also completely be out of your name.

Transfer America gives you the opportunity to have your vacationing orders reflect your new life. Don’t get caught paying for a timeshare that you won’t be using if your spouse gets to keep the timeshare. Transfer America can help you take care of that problem without the hassle and frustration that timeshare resale companies create. Let Transfer America take care of you when it comes to splitting your assets. You won’t regret it!


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Are You Buried Under Maintenance Fees?


Transfer America

When timeshare owners are through using their timeshare properties, they should come to Transfer America to get rid of it.  Timeshare maintenance fees are charged regardless of whether the timeshare property is being used, and timeshare contracts are notoriously difficult to get out of.  Contracts cannot be broken or canceled, and most have a perpetuity clause, which means the property and everything associated with it passes onto the owner’s heirs which makes them virtually impossible to break.  Transfer America is the quickest and safest way to get out of your maintenance fees and timeshare obligations in general.

There are a plethora of different reasons why timeshare owners want to cancel their contracts.  Timeshare plans and properties stay the same whereas people’s lives change.  For example, one Transfer America customer changed careers and could not get the new weeks she wanted for her timeshare property.  It was fine when she was using the same weeks every year, but those weeks no longer fit her schedule, and the new weeks she wanted were always full.  She was soon paying for something she no longer had a use for.

Another example that pops up frequently from Transfer America clients is that they bought the timeshares in order to spend time with their children and expand their experiences in other places outside of the house.  It might have been more convenient to own timeshares than to book hotels and flights to different locations every year, because they wanted to minimize random factors affecting their vacations with young children.  As time progresses however, children grow up and develop their own lives with individual schedules.  Their kids, who are now adults, might want to spend their vacations with other people or just cannot synch their schedules to fit their parents’.  The parents no longer have a use for the timeshares if they do not vacation there with their kids.

All of these reasons come down to paying maintenance fees for something that is no longer worth the cost.  Even if they can easily afford it, it is just not a good use of money.  If they cannot afford it, then getting rid of it is obviously an even more pressing matter.  The longer you take to contact Transfer America, the longer the timeshare remains under your ownership, the more maintenance fees it will incur.

In an attempt to recoup losses, owners attempt to resell their timeshares.  Most discover that it is a time consuming and costly process, while some might get lucky and find a buyer in a short period of time.  Depending on your financial situation, it is most likely not worth the risk for such little gain.  Contact Transfer America to get rid of your timeshare as soon as you decide you no longer want it.


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